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     My presence in gastronomy is the result of my passion for the product, art and people. This passion for cooking, the taste for products was transmitted to me from my childhood by my grandmother of Landes origin and who was a servant and cook for a Châtelain. A few years later my father, a military engineer, decided to buy a farm in the Gers and opt for a lifestyle where the seasons as well as nature would influence our daily diet. For many years, and until adulthood, fishing, hunting, cultivation, gathering raising poultry and other pheasants and quails as well as the production of our own preserves, breads etc.... would come to participate in my education as a human being.


     After studying business and international law, I started a double career in marketing and human resources. Subsequently, I took care of an NGO in Ecuador, to finally decide to take the plunge and assume my desire to free myself from my executive costume. So, I started my cooking career 17 years ago. I quickly had the honor of working alongside Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée, considered one of the 5 best hotels in the world, under the direction of the executive chef, Philippe Marc, who, given my potential, recommended me to a position as Executive Chef at Charlô in Sao Paulo, Brazil (equivalent to Potel and Chabot) where I stayed for 4 years.


     In 2010, I was recognized by connoisseurs of French cuisine as one of the best hopes in São Paulo, especially by working with French chef Alain Poletto.


     In 2014 I opened my first restaurant in São Paulo based on the concept of truck restaurants that I frequented as a child with my mom who was an accountant in transport. A place of sharing, simplicity, and authenticity reminiscent of real French bistros, without flourishes. The Veja guide, a gastronomic guide recognized in Brazil, then classified me as the best restaurant in the "Good and cheap" category of the same year. Subsequently, I also prepared many buffets for events at the residence in France, as well as the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix of São Paulo.


     In 2017, a year after the terrible economic crisis, I joined the Accor group as Executive Chef of Pullman Ibirapuera. Subsequently, I am invited to join the Food and Beverage committee at Accor Luxe as project manager for the kitchens part. My mission is the establishment of food well-being in the South America zone, as well as being the custodian of the culinary values of the Pullman Hotels & Resorts brand by promoting the establishment of rural artisans but also from Organic agriculture.


    In 2018, I idealized the Connect project at Pullman Ibirapuera, born on the basis of a research on my part for another style of dishes for the restaurant Taste it, for which I want to communicate on an art of the table and a more responsible and more aware of the local craft. I then met the NGO "Red Balsear" which is a community of fisherwomen trying to bring in additional income by making ceramic dishes.

     I got involved in the project and after several months the first plates for Taste it were born, which announced new orders for the NGO as well as new customers. In 2019, I created Connect with Santa Adélaide, a French organic farmer based in Brazil, whose collaboration begins in 2018 and who does an extraordinary job by providing to several very large restaurants throughout Brazil. Accor's marketing supports the project and follows a series of reports, just like for the NGO “Balsear”.


     In 2019, in addition to my important role for Goût de France at Accor, (where I was chosen by Alain Ducasse and his team to represent France in Brazil during the first edition), I was also involved in the organization of the 14 July with the team of the French Consulate in São Paulo to promote French gastronomy. True to my philosophy, I paid particular attention to the quality of the products by working with local producers. For this occasion, I also compose the menu and select the wines to accompany the dishes. I also manage the different service providers and the French chefs, participating in the event, by offering to serve only a kitchen made of organic products and raising awareness of the guests on sustainable development in a video broadcast on the day of the event.


     The same year, I joined the Community Supporting Agriculture project (CSA). The CSA Brasil project is a non-profit organization that supports agriculture in the form of a united economy. I then idealized and conceptualized the first Corporate CSA called ‘Cantine Rurale’, for a school and in November 2019, I proposed my project at the French lycée in São Paulo. The objective is to provide healthy food for children and teachers with local and organic products by paying monthly instalments to partner farmers. I also set up the concept "100% yield" for the full use of the products.

     The validation of my project ‘Cantine Rurale’ allows to enhance the great French high school of São Paulo, under development, as well as the management of the establishment and to provide a response to parents on healthy eating for children.

     Like part of my life in the Gers, my career is continuously fuelled, influenced and shaped by my constant encounters with nature, the human being and especially the products.

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