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     Eating must be more than a simple act of survival. It is, above all, a tribute to Nature, a Thank you!

     Therefore, at R.H.A.W we believe that the search for new edibles, the constant integration of raw foods, the use of roots, seeds and other minerals are part of our gastronomic approach. Proteins are not forgotten and neither omnipresent, it appears every time it is necessary and possible.


     Upsetting people positively to bend to nature and not the opposite. Eating to better understand and respect it is likewise an awareness of this universe with multiple ecosystems.


     R.H.A.W - a raw and humble integration of a new culinary mindset throughout the seasons, life and at the service of knowledge.



     The term restaurant (from the French restaurant, restorer, that which restores) emerged in the 16th century, with the meaning of "restorative food, invigorating forces", and referred specifically to a soup, a concentrated meat broth. The modern use of the word appeared around 1765 when a Parisian known as Boulanger opened an establishment that offered several options.

     R.H.A.W is an inspiration to return to the origins of the restaurant, a place where customers have the possibility to choose what they want to eat but also what professionals want and can offer. A mutual possibility which over the years has gradually lost its virtue to the detriment of a need for frantic and unconscious consumption where the human heart has lost the thread of its financial capacities but especially of the consciousness of what is good for him and for nature. Allowing the ubiquitous growing of an agro-food industry more and more aggressive with the environment and with our stomachs.



     Set of human beings, sometimes considered as a collective being or a moral entity but also Disposition to understanding, to compassion towards others, which leads to helping those who need it.

     Humanity, a word with significant complexes .... we all contribute to its definition but also to the loss of the origins of this definition. The latest events unfortunately prove it to us.

     R.H.A.W at the service of the collective but also at the bedside of the awareness of this humanity. To unite with a sentiment of compassion for our essential nutritional necessities but also to bring to those who need this surplus we do not need ourselves. An eco-responsible sentiment based on food-wasting but also on the maximization of food as a whole.


     The process of producing food, feed, fiber, and many other desired products by the cultivation of certain plants and the raising of domesticated animals.

Agriculture is a basic but very fundamental and important science in the origins of man. It is by itself that the human being left his condition of nomad to settle down and give birth to humanity.

     Agriculture that this same man gradually allowed to irrigate in favor of the use of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers to meet the growing demand of restaurants and other food consumption centers which themselves had to meet the appetite without stops growing part of this humanity itself growing disproportionately.

     At R.H.A.W we understand that all this chain reaction has weakened the nature of what it most needed: understanding and attention, making it less and less fertile and expressive .... our goal is to reposition the agriculture as a close companion in everyday life, the man favoring in a harmonious and balanced way the consolidation of short and eco-responsible circuits.


     Higher ideal of life proposed by a moral or philosophical doctrine; behavior of someone who conforms.

Quality of someone who acts with prudence and moderation, character of its action.

Behavior of a quiet, obedient child.

Temperance, moderation in desires, pleasures, food, drink, etc.


     Whatever we define it, wisdom calls for an awareness of the human being, of humanity. In the latter case, it invites sharing, awareness of oneself but also of the other.

     At R.H.A.W we consider wisdom to be the main ingredient of our plates, our menus, our projects, and concepts intended for our customers, our followers, people who need us also in social contexts. The wisdom in the maximum use of one feed, the wisdom to wait for the right time to serve and offer a product, but also the wisdom to consider that this is the world for which there is still so much to say and to discover....

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